Gjon Izano

Gjon’s Brush of Romanticism: A witness to life.

The prolific body of word that artist Gjon Izano has generated is a testament to the persevering spirit of creative freedom that he has pursued whether in his native Albania or the United States. He is an artist of the highest caliber whose vision transcends time, space and country, evoking a place of allegorical truth, capturing on canvas a sincere and balanced merge of both realism, imagination, and emotion that drives one deep into the human condition.

The various synchronized periods of his paintings flow in and out of time, swathed in varying tones of color, speaking the linear poetry of deeply personal yet universal themes of love, isolation, healing and forgiveness. Gjon’s lyrical use of paint captures this impression the world leaves on us in the pictorial re-invention of old stories that have inevitably become the collective stories that belong to us all. It is in our place of visual contemplation that the breadth of his color and theme come alive, allowing one to move into a place of inspired and heightened memory, collaborating in a fulfillment of rediscovering that which was forgotten, while simultaneously mirroring our present experience which carries us to our next step. Where light sheds witness to the path of the spirit, there is where Gjon’s brush follows.

Gjon is an artist of determination and quiet vision, not committed to contemporary trends, but an authentic journeyman who has chosen to live out this gift that is his first language. He fearlessly looks inside himself to discover the true essence of painting. Indeed the artist becomes free the moment his universe takes shape; and this is an artist who knows the true meaning of freedom in the faithful movement of continual creation.

Keri Bryn Schwartz, Director, Atelier Gallery, 2004